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cyber threat intelligence.

Why ThreatBook Intelligence

High-fidelity: Up to 99.9%

ThreatBook CTI provides high-fidelity intelligence collected from alerts from real customer cases. Our R&D team uses it as a critical indicator to evaluate our intelligence extraction and quality control work. Meanwhile, we continuously assess the data based on any relevant alerts from timely cyber incidents.

Efficient: More than Context

No more worries about mass alerts! ThreatBook CTI aggregates data and information with a clear verdict, behavior conclusions, and intruder portraits. It enables the SOC team to spend less time on irrelevant or harmless activities,boosting the operation's efficiency.

Actionable: Detection and Response

The core value of threat intelligence is detection and response, that is, enterprises can carry out compromise detection with high-fidelity intelligence, figuring out if a device has been attacked or if a server has been infected and respond based on the investigation to prevent threats, isolate or avoid risks in a timely manner and reduce the likelihood of serious consequences.

How We Can Help?


Leveraging 99.9% high-fidelity of ThreatBook threat intelligence, we can help you accurately find compromised hosts and emerging threats from massive event alerts and logs, such as Mining pool, Ransomware, APT, etc., drive rapid analysis and disposal, and increase the efficiency of responding to threats.


Through threat intelligence, we can figure out who the adversary is, what his or her behavior is like, where they've been hacked, what methods they've adopted, etc. Therefore, users will be able to quickly fix its weak points, strengthening the whole security system.


With high-fidelity intelligence data, enterprises can quickly figure out their weak points in their security establishment. With ThreatBook CTI and the relevant cyber-security products covering cloud+network+endpoint, the enterprises can build up a strong defense system that is not only low-cost but also highly efficient.

ThreatBook Security Cloud

ThreatBook Security Cloud is composed of cybersecurity big data, AI platform, and modular SaaS products and services, delivering closed-loop security across risk sorting, intrusion detection, security defense, and traceability response.

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